Welcome to Medical Center Endocrinology

Medical Center Endocrinology and Leah C. Folb, MD are excited to be a part of Medical Clinic of Houston, L.L.P.

Dr. Folb is the new Endocrine specialist at MCH and provides consulting services for the assessment, management, monitoring and ongoing care of the following endocrine disorders:

  • Diabetes (Type 1, Type 2, Gestational and Cystic Fibrosis related)
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Insulin resistance
  • Abnormal cholesterol
  • Hormone issues (including estrogen and testosterone)
  • Menopause
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Osteoporosis and Metabolic bone disease
  • Calcium metabolism
  • Kidney stones
  • Thyroid disorders including thyroid cancer
  • Parathyroid disorders
  • Adrenal disorders
  • Pituitary disorders

Diabetes is a disease that can affect the entire body and the whole family. The Diabetes Self-Management Training Program at Medical Clinic of Houston, L.L.P. aims to provide you and your family with tools to enhance your overall health with diabetes.  Our program is designed to help you learn how to make informed choices in daily living, set and meet behavior change goals, and reduce the risk of complications from diabetes.